Bows and Arrows in Spain

Under Spanish Law, Bows and Arrows are in the Weapon control law.

At htis moment to bring your Archery Equipment to Spain you need to be registered under an Sport Association like IFAA or your National Member Association. (i.E.: Spanish IFAA archers use their Asociación Arco Libre member accreditation).

Also archery equipment must be properly packed. You can not walk the street with your equipemt ready to shoot.

That is the reason we ask you all uppon registering toprovide your National Membership ID number so we can isuue your invitation properly.

The organization, following IFAA directives will ask your National Member Association to confirm you are in good standing and that you comply with all IFAA rules and requirements.  Then All registered and confirmed participants will receive a PERSONAL INVITATION LETTER (PIL).

We strongly recomend (and we´ll recallyou closer to the competition) to print this PIL and take it with your National membership accreditation in order to avoid any problem at the airport arrival or departure.