1. Registration shall be open from or before 01-05-2023.
  2. Registration fees for individuals shall be:
    • Professionals: 180€
    • Veterans and Adult: 150€
    • Juniors: 100€
    • Cubs: 80
    • Fees for the CON (Champion of Nations) and  Style Team shall be 50€ for each team. to be paid in cash at registration desk.
  3. Late Fee.- Base fee will increase 20€ except for Cub Division on December 1st 2023
  4. Reimbursement of registration fees in the case of a written cancellation:
    • Before ……01/09/2023…..: 90…..%
    • Before ……01/12/2023 ….: 50…..%
    • Before ……15/2/2024…….: 20…..%
    • After …….. 15/2/2024……..: No refund
    • The refund shall exclude any banking fees that are charged to the Host/Organiser.
    • The registrant will be offerd to get a cancellation insurance for the total amount of the registration fee. (Insurance Terms & Conditions)
  5. The list of registrations shall be maintained / updated on an ongoing basis.
  6. The final date to change style 15/2/2024
  7. Registration shall close on 15/2/2024
  8. The final update shall be on 1/3/2024


Rules to comply in order to get a succesful registration and participation.

  1. All archers who register and attend the event will be members of the IFAA member associations. That means you MUST be member of an IFAA member Association at the moment of registry and at the moment of Tournament.
  2. All registered archers must have recorded 2 (two) indoor scores in their scorecards within the two years previous to EIAC2024.
  3. All attending archers shall be in possession of the classification card (COVID dispensation stablished by IFAA is no longer active).
    Archers without a classification/score record card may NOT attend.
  4. For that purpose to Host will inform on the event website the requirements of Article VII A, sub-articles 4 and 5.
  5. The Host will enforce sub-article 4 for all registered persons, including its own members.

A. Score records

  1. Scores so obtained in the 28 target or 2×14 target Field or Hunter Round or alternatively in a Round consisting of 1×14 target Field combined with 1×14 target Hunter standard unit shall be used in the classification of the archer.
  2. In all tournaments sanctioned by the IFAA, each archer shall at registration make available his/her official Score Record/Classification Card to the Tournament Chairman to ensure that the archer is in good standing with an IFAA Member and the proper classification of that archer.
  3. An archer may not attend an IFAA sanctioned tournament without an official Score Record/Classification Card. “”


Following this link you will enter the Registration system supported by Avaibook Sports.

During the process you will be ask about diferent services.

An cancelation insurance will be ofered. Please consider you are regitering for an event to be held in March 2024. This insurance will let you recover the full amount of your registration.
Insurance Terms & Conditions


The Organization is working on public transport services for the archers  to get from Barcelo Resot to the Venue, althoug the best way to enjoy the Island is to hire a car. Please confirm if you will use the bus service.


The award banquet will be hosted at the Barcelo Resort on March Friday 22nd evening. It will consist on a Buffet.
Tickets for the Banquet will be sell at registration desk with price 50€.

Award ceremony to be held in the same venue after the banquet.



Teams Competitions
Along with EIAC2024 we´ll host the Champion of Nations competition and the Styles Teams Competition.