Specific rules for WIAC (Same apply to regional Chamionship EIAC)

1. The general rules

The general rules for Tournament Officials; Protest Committee; Technical Control; Official Rounds; Targets; Equipment; Style and Division; Shooting Distance; Position & Scoring as well as Insurance; will be those rules contained in the By-Laws and Policies as are applicable.

2. The Tournament rules

  1. In the event that there are no separate facilities for archers to practice before the start of the Round, the Tournament Director may allow a “warmup” session between two details. Rules governing the warm-up session are at the discretion of the Tournament Director and they shall be advertised in the

tournament programme.

  1. At the start of the first Standard Unit of each Round the Tournament Director shall allow for a single non-scoring end of maximum three minutes, in which the archer may shoot any number of arrows. end will be shot from the 30-yard line.
  2. After the non-scoring end, the first end of the Round will commence under the rules of the Standard Indoor Round or the Indoor Flint Round, whichever is applicable.

3. Optical spotting aids

Optical spotting aids are permitted

4. Professional division

A professional division in accordance with Article IV F. of the By-Laws shall be allowed.

5. Tied scores for an award

In the event of a tie in scores for any award, the archers concerned will break the tie by a shoot-off over three ends. In the event that scores are tied at the end of the shoot-off, the archer with the largest number of “X’-s scored will win the tie. If the number of “X”-s is also tied they will continue to shoot a single arrow “sudden death”. The arrow losest to the target centre will be the winning arrow.

6. Score results

Final score results shall be displayed on the tournament web page, notice board(s) and at the Award venue for at least two hours prior to the start of the final announcement of the scores and the award of the medals and trophies.

7. Standard Indoor Round:

  1. Standard Indoor Round rules shall be in accordance with Article V (J) of the By-Laws.
  2. An archer may choose either the single spot or the five spot target face. Target faces may not be interchanged during a round.
  3. The centre of the lower target face shall not be less than 30 inches from the floor.


  1. Target rotation rule: In the first six ends archers A and B will shoot first and on the bottom target faces. In the second six ends archers C and D will shoot first and on the bottom target faces.

Exec Note: (Read Article IV B4 of the by-laws) 

8. Flint Indoor Round:

  1. Flint Indoor Round rules shall be in accordance with Article V(I) of the By-Laws.
  2. A Round shall be two Standard Units each comprising of seven ends of four arrows. (Total 56 arrows).
  3. There shall be a 15 minutes break between the two Standard Units.
  4. An archer may choose either the single 35 cm target face (single 50 cm face for Cubs) and four 20 cm target faces (single 35 cm face for Cubs), set out in accordance with Figure 1, or four 21 cm target faces (the two inner rings of a 35 cm target) and four 20 cm target faces, set out in accordance with Figure 2. The choice of target face lies with the archer at the start of the first Unit and may not be changed during a Round.
  5. For target faces comprising of four targets, a single arrow shall be shot at a target in any sequence. In the event that more than one arrow is shot in a target, only the arrow with the lower value will be scored.
  6. Arrows outside the target do not score.
  7. Shooting lanes shall be laid out as shown in figure 3. The distance of each shooting line as well as the shooting sequence for each distance shall be clearly marked on each end of the shooting lines.

After completion of the first Standard Unit, archers will change lanes on the same butt for the second Standard Unit: archer in lane “A” will move to lane “B” and archer in lane “B” will no w move to lane “A”.


Specific timetible will we provided ASAP.

Timetable may be afected by registry list changes


Teams Competitions
Along with EIAC2024 we´ll host the Champion of Nations competition and the Styles Teams Competition.